Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hi Mom!

So I made you this blog, there are stories, quotes with my thoughts, and youtube videos! What more could you want from a blog. I made this for you, I would recommend reading it all... its quite clever and inspirational.

I just want you to know how much I love you. I know that throughout the struggles in your life, that you will always have your family. You will always have me, any time you need to talk, talk to me, I will listen, and help where I can. I know I always said that I picked you in the pre-existence, but I think you must've picked me too. We knew we would need each other, so we choose to be in the same family. Even if sometimes I don't show it, know that I love you and that my heart will always be with you. Because you are my mom, nothing is every going to change that, no amount of distance, or age, or even death is going to stop you from being my mom, and me from being your daughter. It's been decided before either of us were born, and it's what will be forever. I could not be happier, no one else could've been my mom. It was only you. I love you and know that you are there for me as well!

Thank you for being the best mom any one could ask for.

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